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Children’s Single Point of Access 

C-SPOA of Clinton County

Mailing Address: 

130 Arizona Avenue, Suite 1500
Plattsburgh, NY. 12903

SPOA/HCBS Coordinator: Erica Leonard, LMHC

The goal of Clinton County C-SPOA is to ensure children in our county are able to access the services they need, assist families and providers navigate multiple child serving agencies, and identify available county resources for families and providers.

Cliton County C-SPOA manages referrals, vacancies, waitlists for high end services and community programs.

C-SPOA is the county entity to access and determine appropriate need for mental health services and interfaces with a variety of referral sources including:

Community Providers



Probation Departments

Clinics, etc.

C-SPOA Services:

Health Home Care Management

Non-Medicaid Care Management

Community Residence

Residential Treatment Facility

To be eligible for a C-SPOA service a child must be Medicaid eligible and have a SED.  If they are not Medicaid eligible they can go through the C-Yes process to be determined eligible for Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS).  If eligible for HCBS, they are automatically eligible for Medicaid.

Community-Based Services:

Care Management:

Service linkage

Coordination and monitoring

Crisis intervention

Educational advocacy

Service plans are developed based on specific needs of child and family with goal of maintaining youth in their home.  Frequency of service varies as does the length of service.

Out of Home Placement 

Youth will work on daily living skills, receive counseling, education, and receive health services.

Family support is also provided.

The Community Residence and Residential Treatment Facility are two other SPOA options that are SPOA options for youth who need more intensive services.

Community Residence:

The goal is to promote family reunification.  It is a voluntary program with about an average stay of 12 months.*Youth must be at least 12 years old and willing to engage in the program.

Youth are integrated within community for education, recreation and other activities.

24-hour supervision

Residential Treatment Facility

Once approved by SPOA-the referral is sent on to the PACC Committee (Preadmission Certification Committee) for final approval.

Visit Clinton County C-SPOA: