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Clinton County Dept. of Social Services


Commissioner: John Redden

Deputy Commissioner: Rich Holcomb

Director Of Legal and Social Services: Christine G. Peters, Esq.

Mailing Address & Directions:

13 Durkee Street
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Critical Phone Numbers:

Critical Links:

The Department of Social Services is a complex agency, one which administers many programs to many individuals in Clinton County. The overarching goal is to leave each person in a position to get the help they need to improve their functioning in the community and within their family unit.   

Financial Services Unit:

With respect to our financial services units, our goal is to ensure that all individuals receive the benefits they are entitled to in order to be physically healthy and mentally health, as well as give them opportunities to help individuals not rely on those benefits.  Our ultimate goal is to provide help to individuals to attain self-sufficiency.  

Children’s Services Units:

With respect to our Children’s Services units, we focus on families’ strengths, develop service plans to address areas that impact children and families and build on those strengths to preserve families by making them stronger.  Caseworkers strive to maintain healthy families by addressing mental health needs and other needs impacting the functioning and preservation of families. 

Child Preventive Services:

Preventive services are supportive and rehabilitative services provided to children and their families to avert a disruption of a family that might result in an out of home placement or could enable a child who has been placed in foster care to be reunited with his or her family earlier than would otherwise be possible, or even to reduce the likelihood of reentry into foster care.  

Foster Care & Adoption: 

Should a child or children require foster care placement, Caseworkers develop permanency plans for children in placement, work diligent to address the issues that led to the child’s placement in foster care so they may return to their families, or when that is not available, work towards adoption or independent living.