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Behavioral Health Services North, Inc., a progressive not-for-profit organization founded in 1874, is committed to strengthening individuals, families, and community life by delivering a behavioral health care and human service system that provides an integrated continuum of essential, responsive, and cost-effective services. Our programs provide the following:

Children’s Mental Health Services (Therapy)

Youth and adolescents are faced with a variety of challenges in today’s world. Whether your child is impacted by social media, safety concerns at school, or anything else, our team of experts are here to help and provide the tools, guidance, and treatment necessary to promote recovery, resilience and wellness to all children and adolescents. 

For children, we offer individual, family, and group therapy. We offer counseling regarding behavioral and attentional problems in children along with counseling regarding mood or anxiety problems, relationship and adjustment issues, stress management, psychiatric treatment and medication management.

School-Based Services 

We partner will area school districts to prove support to students, families, and school faculty. Our innovative approach to school-based services give children and parents flexibility and options to help eliminate barriers such as finding the time in busy schedules to meet appointments.

Our School Based Clinicians work with students, parents, and other staff to reinforce services. Our program serves public and private schools, school districts, colleges, and universities across the region. Give us a call or check with your school district to see if this service is available in your area.

Children’s Care Management

BHSN’s Care Management Program consists of Health Home Care Management for Medicaid clients, as well as Non-Medicaid Care Coordination services. Our team of dedicated care managers work with youth between the ages of 5 and 21, who have a qualifying mental health diagnosis or other chronic condition that affects their daily functioning.

Youth that are referred to our program typically struggle with things such as aggression, depression, anxiety, conduct issues, self-harming, etc. Families that access services are often experiencing stress and crisis within the home, school or community setting. The length of stay within the program is intended to be around 12 months. 

 Our Children’s Care Management program is designed with the goal of meeting the individual needs of the child through the development of team supports around the family. The team works collaboratively to help each family reach their identified goal. Goals may include developing healthy coping mechanisms, positive family interactions, appropriate social skills and communication, or attaining academic success. 

Children’s Family Treatment and Support Services (CFTSS) 

Children and Youth (under age 21) who are covered by Medicaid and have mental health and/or substance use needs can get Children and Family Treatment and Support Services (CFTSS). These services give children, youth and their families the power to improve their health, well-being and quality of life. 

CFTSS Services can help: Identify mental health and/or substance use needs early; Provide support in the home and community; Prevent the need for emergency room visits, hospital stays, or out of home placements. These services strengthen families and help them make informed decisions about their care. Services that are provided at home or in the community include: Therapy Services; Family Peer Support Services; Rehabilitation Services (Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Community Psychiatric Supports and Treatment); and Youth Peer Support Services.  

Therapeutic Foster Care 

The Family Corner has been providing foster care services in our community since 1987. Our team works with children from our community placed through our local Departments of Social Services. TFC provides training paired with 24-hour support and guidance to our Foster Parents.  

Adventure Based Counseling 

Adventure Based Counseling (ABC) is a group-oriented program that helps participants learn to increased self-awareness, accept responsibility for their choices, and connect with others. These outcomes offer a unique opportunity to help adolescents achieve positive therapeutic outcomes. 

A wide range of activities includes problem initiatives, ropes courses, rock climbing, backpacking, and community service. These activities are utilized as an experiential framework from which to teach children and families how to work well with others. 

ABC is a strengths-based approach that builds self-esteem, judgment and decision-making skills, communication skills, conflict resolution and pro-social peer affiliation and family team building. ABC operates in collaboration with several area schools and youth service providers and there is no cost to the teens who participate or their families. 

Healthy Families 

Healthy Families Clinton & Franklin Counties home visiting program matches parents with knowledgeable and caring workers who provide information and support during pregnancy and early childhood. 

Services include helping families access community resources and services, educating families on parenting and child development, connecting families with medical providers, and assessing children for developmental delays. 

Substance Abuse Treatment (Youth) 

Substance abuse in adolescents can hinder growth and development, increase the chances of high-risk behaviors, and may be associated with increased rates of health problems in adulthood, including heart disease and high blood pressure (according to the Center for Disease Control).

Studies report that “the earlier teens start using substances, the greater their chances of continuing to use substances and developing substance use problems later in life. 

We believe that the most effective addiction and mental health treatment comes from a holistic and integrated treatment plan tailored to each individual’s concerns and needs. Our team provides the support and tools to assist each individual in achieving their personal goals.  

 We currently work with schools, community partners, parents and caretakers to screen and treat for Substance Abuse Disorders in adolescents and are able to provide specialized treatments for cannibal use disorders, tobacco use disorders, and more.